Backyard wedding

Who does not love a cute little backyard wedding? I think they might be my favorite.  I have been to a ridiculous number of weddings in my lifetime (as I am sure most people have) ranging from a simple modest service to an extravagant-destination hoopla. Every wedding was different; depending on region, religion, cultural customs, and means. What I like about the backyard wedding is that for the most part they have a very Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach.

This particular wedding, of Casey and Jaime Norris, represented a very traditional backyard wedding. The bride made everything with the help of her friends and family.  One friend in particular not only was the Efficient, but he also made her wedding dress (which was fully hand-stitched) and styled her hair for the wedding.  They also had friends offer to shoot their wedding photos, call in favors to get them a great honeymoon, and make all the desserts for the event. It seemed that there community really came together, each offering up a skill (even if it was just their muscles to help load and unload), to bring them their cute little wedding.

Casey and Jaime, both not fans of cake, opted to forgo the traditional wedding cake, which is becoming an interesting trend.  Since the extreme wedding cakes of the late 80’s, with fountains, motes, spiral staircases connecting various cakes to the main one, and their own lighting system, the wedding cake has become more and more tasteful in design.  In the past couple of years, brides have even begun to stray away from the traditional cake, opting for cupcake towers and candy bars instead.  Acknowledging that not everyone likes cake, couples are incorporating more choices for their attendants.  Since let’s face it, second to the booze, food is the most important component to keeping guests happy and entertained.

The Norris’s dessert bar, made entirely by a family friend, consisted of mini pecan pies, cream puffs (a crowd favorite), lemon pies, yogurt covered pretzels, chocolate chip cookies, cherry topped cheese cakes, chocolate cream pies, fruit tarts, milk chocolate squares and vanilla cupcakes. There was something there for everyone, and for those of us who love everything it was quite a feast.


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