Foods by Risa

While I was in San Francisco last month, I spent the afternoon in the home of Risa Lichtman while she prepped for a duck dinner she was hosting.  Risa hosts Sunday Supperings, a once-a-month pop-up restaurant that she started out of her home almost a year ago.  Recently the dinners have been held at a local farm (Soul Food Farm) and the 5 course meals she creates are organic and locally grown.

I am very interested in the food movement that is taking place these days as a response to our over produced and manufactured food culture. The slow food movement is no longer a concept held by hippies but is now fairly mainstream. And chefs like Risa are giving more and more people the opportunity to experience farm to table dinners. What I love about Risa’s dinners is that they are an opportunity to share a meal with new and interesting people and get to know the chef, which does not happen in normal restaurant settings.

The dinner Risa was putting together was an opportunity to introduce her friends to a nose-to-tail type meal, where each course featured a different part of the duck. Though I was only able to be there for the preparation for the dinner, Risa took some photos of the final dinner and the menu for me to include in this post.  I am hoping to make it back out to San Francisco this September, when Sunday Supperings celebrates its year anniversary, to experience Risa’s work in its entirety.

It was a really wonderful afternoon of learning more about Risa, duck, cooking for health, and stealing tastes of her yummy duck liver pate.

Risa on the right with her partner Mara

Plums waiting for the grill

Duck breast



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