Meet Josey Baker

I had the privilege of meeting Josey Baker this summer, and I cannot express how inspiring our meeting was.  Introduced through a mutual friend, Josey was kind enough to welcome me into his home for an afternoon of shooting and bread making. And he told me the story of his introduction into the world of bread.

A visiting friend left behind a sourdough starter, and this small act changed the course of Josey’s life.  Upon using the starter to bake his first loaf of bread, Josey said he became obsessed with baking.  He started reading books and talking to other bakers, and most importantly he started baking more and more loafs of bread.  Baking became a much needed creative outlet for him and his new found passion turned into a new career.  After demand for his bread grew higher and higher, Josey left his job to bake full time.

Baking bread is one of the oldest food traditions, and I never would have thought that creative expression could be found in bread making until I met Josey.  I am inspired by his passion and willingness to explore a new path and take the risk of running your own business. There is nothing better than finding success in what you love. Josey’s bread can be found in various establishments across San Francisco, find it and enjoy.


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