Meet Katie Dean

I have had the privilege of knowing Katie Dean for over a decade, we met when I was just a kid working at an old fashion diner.  I have always been inspired by her kindness, genuineness, and strength.

Katie is a wife and mother of three beautiful children, living in Prescott Arizona.  This past year her family faced what most people are facing these days, her husband was laid-off and struggled to find new work.  While discussing their options with a friend Katie was introduced to the word Entrepreneur when the subject turned to Katie’s own talents.  You see, Katie makes some killer cookies, but had never considered starting her own business.  She just loves to bake; she loves the science and chemistry behind it, not to mention the wonderful outcome.  But more importantly, what Katie loves most about baking, is watching other people enjoy what she has made – which really is one of the greatest parts of preparing food.

In hopes of being able to help her family, Katie hit the kitchen.  She developed her brand, a marketing strategy, and most importantly she baked. She is now able to call herself an Entrepreneur, as her cookie orders come in and her hopes for seeing them on grocery shelves is becoming realized.  Oh Katie! Cookies are mini chocolate chip cookie sandwiches, that I now crave.  Her logo is inspired by Rosie the Riveter, a character she has always loved, but found appropriate for her own story.  In our current economy, 80% of the job losses have been to men, and 80% of the job hires have been to women – her own families experience was her call to arms and her mantra became “You can do it.”

I loved being able to spend the day with her and her family as she baked cookies and the rest of us consumed them.  If you like chocolate chip cookies, you’ll love hers.  I am inspired by her willingness to take on a challenge and embrace the risk of running her own business, a daunting adventure.  These photographs barely capture the deliciousness that are Oh Katie! Cookies. Enjoy.


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