Best BBQ ever!


I apologize for the long break in posts.  The time-out was due to a moving adventure across the country.  I have driven across country twice before, each time taking the route through the middle. So as we embarked on our move from California to New York we chose to take our time driving through the south.  I have always wanted to see the south and especially eat southern food.  It was a wonderful trip full of great people and amazing food.

One of the favorite places we stopped to eat was in Mobile, Alabama.  We had read about it on The Splendid Table before our departure, and the place did not disappoint.  To get there we had to drive past a bunch of strip malls, past a college, and into a neighborhood.  As we pulled up to it, we could tell just by looking at it that it was going to be good.  The Brick Pit is located inside an old house, with smoke billowing up from it, and a parking lot in what was once the backyard.

It had a great whole-in-the-wall feel to it, the entire place is covered in all the signatures and words of gratitude from everyone who had ventured inside for their bbq.  I ordered the pulled pork plate, after a kind gentleman suggested I do so, and Levi ordered the ribs, both with spicy sauce.  We were in heaven, I have never had such delicious bbq.  Since our visit there I have thought about The Brick Pit daily, have been craving it, and trying to figure out how to get some more…just need to find a reason to get back to Mobile.

The photos from our visit were taken on a cellphone so please excuse their poor appearance, but I wanted to share our experience with you.


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