Cafe Du Monde

(sorry one more cellphone image)

Before we left on our trip everyone kept telling us to go to Cafe Du Monde when we were in New Orleans.  So we did and it definitely did not hold up to its reputation.  My overall thought of the place was “Wow, it’s like a dirty Disneyland.” It did not help that there was a man sitting outside of the place playing “When the Saints Go Marching In,” and that it was full of tourists eating like they had to finish before their next Fast-pass expired. I understand that when you serve food covered in a hill of powdered sugar it is going to get messy.  All it takes is one good sneeze and the whole place looks like a winter wonderland. But perhaps scaling back on the powdered sugar application or discovering a better solvent for said sugar would be better than having your entire restaurant sticky to the touch.

For those who have not been to Cafe Du Monde, let me fill you in, the place serves two things: Coffee and Beignets.  The Beignets were great (they are basically a doughnut) but I am glad we shared a plate because if I had eaten an entire serving to myself I would have been sick on sugar.  Now my thought is, if you only have two things on your menu, you should probably do both things amazingly.  The coffee was right up there with fresh brewed Circle-K coffee only it cost three times the amount. Do not get me wrong, the Beignets are worth a try, I would just suggest grabbing an order to-go, then finding a good coffee shop, and walking to the park to enjoy your breakfast.

It seemed to me that they are riding a lot on their reputation and are letting things slip a bit when it comes to presentation and taste.  But who knows, maybe the place has always been like a dirty Disneyland.

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