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Food is necessary to everyone but it is rarely just simply food. It can be very political, economical, social, it has the ability to define individuals and even countries.  It can divide people or bring them together.  Food can be delicious, disgusting, simple, complex, traditional, unique, nourishing, it can keep you alive and it can take your life. We are constantly bombarded with what to eat and what not to eat, one day it is your friend the next your foe. We love it, hate it, improve upon it, or take it back to the very basics. We work for it, search for it, relate to it, over indulge in it, and long for it. Food is never simply just food.

This blog is an investigation into trends, experiences, and interests surrounding food. It highlights the people that center their lives around it and present it to the rest of us. I believe in food without all the pretense, the love for it without the guilt. This blog is for people who are interested in food for the sake of food and when sitting before it are happy to just eat.

2 thoughts on “About Blog

  1. I love your photographs! I am also living a life of food and all its comforts. My husband is a chef and I am a artist turned baker. I was wondering if you have done any photos of the inner workings of a restaurant kitchen. I am looking to purchase a few b&w photos in the photojournalism form of active chefs for my home.

    • Hi Andrea – sorry just noticed this post. are you still looking for photos? I have some I could send your way and if you like them you can purchase them. let me know. sorry for the really late response.

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